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EL/Civics Lesson Plan Collection
EL/Civics Lesson Plan Guidelines
EL/Civics Lesson Plan Template
Ohio EL/Civics Objectives

EL/Civics Materials

EL/Civics Materials available to ABLE staff through the Bodega
A Calender of Civic Conversation Starters and Activites

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NERC's List of EL/Civics Related Web Sites
University System of Ohio - El/Civics Supplemental Resources
USCIS - U.S. Civics & Citizenship Resource Center for Adult Educators
EL/Civics Online - Integrating EL/Civics into Adult ESL Classes


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Citizenship Test Preparation Resources

Redesigned Naturalization Test
Study Materials for the Civics Test from USCIS
Study Materials for the English Test from USCIS
US Citizenship Podcast
A Guide to Naturalization
The Citizen's Almanac
Citizenship Flashcards
Citizenship Preparation
Citizenship Resources
Citizenship Websites
New Naturalization Test Fact Sheet
New Naturalization Test FAQs
N-400 Application for Naturalization
N-400 Application for Naturalization Instructions
Level 3 - Listen Actively/Speak So Others Can Understand
Naturalization Packet - Courtesy of the Northwest Justice Project
On Speaking and Cultural Terms - Order Form and Info
Quick Civics Lessons
A More Perfect Union: A National Citizenship Plan

Ohio Projects:

Quilt - Gallia Jackson
Athens Gateway
Amish Country Field Trip - Euclid ABLE
Maplewood JVS
Miami Valley CTC
Sylvania ESOL Cookbook 2006-2007
Pomegranate - Seasonal fruit gains popularity in United States - Reprinted with the permission of The Toledo Blade, November 7, 2006

California Projects:

Citizenship Preparation
Finance Literacy
Nutrition for New Readers

English Literacy Civics - Supplemental Program Resource by Maria Spencer

Contents - Introduction
Unit 1 - US Flag - Beginning Literacy
Unit 2 - Basic Transactions - Beginning Low
Unit 3 - US History - Beginning High
Unit 4 - Job Interview - Intermediate Low
Unit 5 - Local Government - Intermediate High

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